O Taste and See

Classical Exercises

Possibilities and Process of Change

Glittering Vices

What Are You Guarding? Virtuous Anger and Lifelong Practice

How to Practice the Virtue of Hope: The “Shawshank” Connection

Why Are You Angry?

Interview With Rebecca DeYoung

Introduction to the Book: Glittering Vices

Living the Interruptions: Exploring a Rule of Life for 2021

Telling Time in Church: Rediscovering the Church’s Liturgical Calendar

Watching for the Light: Advent

Real People, Real Programs, Real Change

O Taste And See

Transforming Retreats

Lessons from the Early Church Regarding Wealth and Poverty for Contemporary Christians

The Foundry

The Place of “Disciplines” in Christian Discipleship and Spiritual Formation 1

Spiritual Practices: An invitation to grow deeper

Listening for Change

Learning to Listen

Listening to Our Stories

The Practice of Beholding

The Practice of Service

The Practice of the Mundane

The Practice Community

A Guide to Living a Little Rule of Life by Anne McLoughlin

The Practice of Waiting

Becoming a Seeker

The Practice of Creating

A Personal Gift From the Monastery

Ancient Christian Wisdom for a Postmodern Age: Knowledge Born in Silence

Graced in Silence: Gifts From a Monastic Community

Life With the Brothers

One Day of Silence and Solitude

Defining Our Terms: Silence and Solitude

The Pilgrim Way: Discovering the Ancient Practice of Pilgrimage

Gifts of Freedom: The Sabbath and Fasting

O Taste and See: Making Art the Monastic Way

Pilgrimage: Trusting Myself to the Other

Beyond Words: An Invitation to Solitude and Silence

Gift of Making Space

The Practice of Stability

The Practice of Lament

The Practice of Surprise

Introduction: 12 Spiritual Practices for a Pandemic

The Practice of Embodiment

12 Spiritual Practices for the Pandemic

Practices in the Time of a Pandemic

Practices in the Time of a Pandemic