Conversatio Divina

Conversations Journal 3.2— Obstacles to Union: A Relational Understanding of Sin

“The guiding image for the Conversations Journal is a large table in front of a warm fire. Seated together are representatives from the prominent tributaries of Christian spirituality— incarnational, contemplative, evangelical, holiness, charismatic, and social justice. Each is participating in a dialogue, sharing with unusual transparency about authentic transformation and why it seems so difficult actually to become like Jesus.” (Editors, vol 3.2, 13) As we delve into another issue of Conversations, let that imagery invite your presence to the table as well. This month we’ll be studying the topic “Obstacles to Union: A Relational Understanding of Sin” from vol 3.2.

The writers and editors in this issue explored the theological concept of sin. Then, they took that assignment a step beyond explaining religious rhetoric, and dared to admit that there is a gap between understanding what sin is, and the spiritual experience of encountering obstacles in our desire to be close to God.

Read more of this issue of Conversation Journal from the fall of 2005. The complete issue is available to you at

As a bonus, you may also take a deeper look at a select articles, by partaking in Joannah Saddler’s class, “A Guide to Now I See: A Theology of Transformation.